Leather Care Wipes

Erdal Leather Care Wipes for on-the-go.

Quick and easy care for all kinds of smooth leather items as well as smooth artificial leather. The convenient wipes clean, care and protect the leather – ideally suitable for large leather surfaces (e.g. car seats, handbags, leather boots).
The formula with bees wax refreshes the color and keeps the leather soft and supple. In addition it protects the leather from dirt and moisture. Thanks to the innovative and airtight closure concept, the wipes stay even wet at highest temperatures.

Each package contains 20 wipes.

When you first open the lid, carefully remove the protective foil. Then take a wipe and tightly close the bag with the lid. For sensitive leather, try the wipe on an inconspicuous part. Apply the wipe were needed and leave it to dry. For more shiny effects take a dry cloth and polish the leather afterwards.

Do not use on patent leather or rubber boots.

Apply Erdal All in One Cream Lotion from time to time, to keep the leather smooth and supple. Use Erdal Impregnation Spray to protect against dirt and moisture.

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Leather Care Wipes