Cleaning Foam

Erdal Cleaning Foam with the renewing formula.

Erdal cleaning foam is used for the high-quality cleaning of smooth leather (including lacquer and metallic leather), suede, textiles and for material mixes from the materials mentioned. The foam cleans thoroughly, refreshes the color and makes the material look like new. Thanks to the highly effective but gentle recipe, the foam is particularly suitable for removing everyday dirt from sneakers, children’s shoes and suede boots.

Available as a 150ml foam, for all colours and materials.

Remove all dust and dirt. Shake bottle before use. Apply foam to a soft cloth or sponge and check the colour fastness of the material in an inconspicuous place. If the material is colourfast, apply the foam evenly over a large area of the material to be cleaned so that no edges appear. If necessary, remove foam residues from the textile or leather and allow to dry. Brush suede leather afterwards. Polish smooth leather with a dry cloth. We recommend impregnating the cleaned material regularly to ensure protection against moisture and dirt. Erdal Super Impregnator 300ml is suitable for this purpose.

Keep out of reach of children.

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Cleaning Foam