Sneaker Detergent

Erdal Sneaker Detergent with Neutraroma®.

A powerful detergent for all washable shoes at 30°C. The powerful formula with Neutraroma® penetrates deep into the fibres, neutralises odours and gives long-lasting freshness. Thanks to this innovative technology, the membrane function and breathability of high-quality sports sneakers are retained even after multiple washes. Ideal as preparation for impregnation with Erdal Wash-in Impregnator. Skin compatibility is dermatologically confirmed.

Available in a 500ml bottle.

Remove coarse dirt in advance and pre-treat stubborn stains by applying the wash directly. Remove insoles and laces before washing. Pour Erdal Sneaker Detergent into the main wash chamber (per wash 60ml (1½ caps). Wash 1-3 pairs of washable shoes at max. 30°C on the gentle cycle and with the lowest spin setting or without spinning. The use of a laundry bag is recommended. For colourfast and washable shoes. Not suitable for (synthetic) leather. Do not tumble dry shoes or dry them directly on the radiator.

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Sneaker Detergent