Wash-in Impregnator

Erdal Wash-in Impregnator with deep protection against moisture – for easy use in the washing machine.

The effective impregnator for work, sport and outdoor clothing, as well as washable shoes and awnings. The special protection formula not only provides deep, comprehensive and long-lasting protection against moisture, it also ensures durable protection of materials and keeps clothing breathable and elastic. The Wash-in Impregnator keeps the membrane function and performs to its full capacity without the need for any additional thermal treatment.

Available in a 500 ml bottle for all washable materials.

Please read the manufacturer’s instructions before using the Wash-in Impregnator.

You will need 100 ml to 150 ml of the impregnator per kilogram of textiles to be impregnated. This works out at roughly 4-6 caps per kilogram.

Washing machine use: Do not use the detergent and the Wash-in Impregnator in the same wash cycle. First, wash clothes according to the manufacturer’s recommendation on the label. Keep wet clothing in the washing machine ready for the Wash-in Impregnator. Remove any remaining detergent from the main-wash compartment. Put the Wash-in Impregnator into the cleaned main-wash compartment (see dosing instructions) and wash on a delicate cycle at 30°C. Air dry the clothing as usual.

Handwashing: Mix the Wash-in Impregnator with 10 l of water in the bath or bucket (see dosing instructions) and immerse the clothing in it. Leave to soak for around 20 minutes. Then remove the textiles, wring gently and air dry as usual.

Undiluted use: Apply the impregnator evenly with a soaked sponge. This type of use is also suitable for material that cannot be machine-washed, e.g. boots, tents and rucksacks.

Unsuitable for patent or artificial leather.


100 ml für 1Kg - EN500ml für 5kg - EN
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Wash-in Impregnator